Ceska zbrojovka CZ-52 for CZ-452 (10oz to 2.5lbs pull)


Ceska zbrojovka CZ-52 for CZ-452 (10oz to 2.5lbs pull)

(7 customer reviews)


  • Replaces Factory trigger CZ-452
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Light Weight
  • Comes with complete instruction sheet, hardware pack, and adjustment wrench for user installation
  • Weight of pull range 10 oz to 2.5 lbs
  • Available in Silver & Black



  • This unit replaces the factory trigger on the bolt action rimfire Ceska Zbrojovka CZ-452 rifle.
  • This trigger is adjustable for sear engagement.
  • produces VERY light weights of pull.
  • Uses the factory safety.
  • Functions with clean, crisp, single stage operation.
  • Comes with complete instruction sheet, hardware pack, and adjustment wrench for user installation.
  • Weight of pull range 10 oz to 2.5 lbs.
  • Available in Silver & Black

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 in


7 reviews for Ceska zbrojovka CZ-52 for CZ-452 (10oz to 2.5lbs pull)

  1. Randy

    I put in CZ 452 it’s great easy install. Nice safe crisp 10 oz pull . Good people to do business with .

  2. Albert Welcome

    I just bought my 3rd Rifle Basix trigger. I have one in my Savage 93R17 & I liked it so much I got one for my CZ 452 & that one is also awesome! I recently got another CZ 452 & ordered another of your triggers for but I couldn’t get it to cock every time no matter how I adjusted it. I emailed customer service & got a reply within hours saying a replacement trigger & mailing label to return the defective trigger was on it’s way. I received the replacement today, which was only 3 days from when I received the email from customer service. This is what customer service is supposed to be like! Great people to do business with and a wonderful product!

  3. Alex Phillip

    Rife Basix trigger for CZ 452.
    I thought I was stuck with a very good rifle let down by its trigger until I came across your trigger on Utube. It was $218 in Australia so I was very hopeful it would make an improvement.
    Fitting the trigger was as your instruction sheet and very simple, taking just a few minutes. I felt the pins could have been a little firmer but that was sorted with a touch of Loctite 243 which I had on hand.
    I set the trigger at 1.5 lb first off and the improvement was immediately obvious. I then reset to 1lb which I will keep it at for a while. At 1lb I have no creep, a very crisp kleen-breaking trigger, and an improver score on the range.

  4. Martin Phillips

    Replaced an existing 2# timney trigger for completion br matches. Easy to install & adjust. I’m a happy camper, would recommend to a friend.

  5. Steven Keiser

    Received the new trigger for my CZ. I am satisfied with it. Also wanted to let you know that I have two other CZ 452 rifles and have Rifle Basix triggers in them. Both triggers work good. When I am at a gun show or event and meet a fellow CZ owner I always recommend Rifle Basix triggers.

  6. Dieter Kraemer

    I have installed a rifle basix trigger in a CZ 452 and 453. Best thing I have ever done. Both guns are used for competition shooting and my scores went up. I also installed a savage rifle basix trigger on my wife’s savage which turned out better than the factory original trigger. I will order more in the near future. I recommend this company to anyone that want’s a quality replacement trigger that is better than the original.

  7. Don Smith

    With many band aid ways to make a cz 452/455 trigger better, there is NO better way than a rifle basix trigger! Many of the shim kits available are not the perfect size. Some creep will remain in the trigger or it will not function properly due to the shim being slightly to large. Using feeler gauge material glued to the action is another way but the epoxy will let go over time and many never do it right as the epoxy adds a bit of size to the shim so your in the same boat. Let’s not forget that many rifles suffer from the bolt falling right out using these methods when going under a 1 lb pull (some still get fall out with higher pull weights!). The rifle basix trigger will easily yield 10 oz trigger pull weights or higher with NO bolt fall out properly tuned. They have an unsurpassed feel that nothing else comes close to (not even the timney!). Install is simple and the directions included are superb. Another bonus is the company has incredible customer service that is rare these days. I’d give these triggers more than 5 stars but it’s not an option. No better trigger exists for your cz rimfire!

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