Bergara B-14 Series Update / Replacement Triggers

Bergara B-14 Series Replacement Triggers

B-14 Series replacement triggerRifle Basix currently manufactures high quality aftermarket / replacement triggers for the Bergara B-14 series rifles. This includes the B-14 Timber, B-14 Ridge, B-14 Hunter, HMR and BMP as well as the Wilderness Series. Note, this is the same trigger used in the Remington 700 Series. Choose a Trigger or Browse our inventory.

    • We have multiple trigger options for a wide range of pull weights
      • from 1.5lbs to 4 lbs (L-1K Kit) – Hunting
      • from 10oz – 12oz (LV-1K Kit) – Varmint
      • from 4oz – 20oz (ERV-3K Kit) – Varmint / Target
      • from 2oz – 6oz (L-3K Kit) – Target
    • We offer different trigger colors:
      • available in black
      • available in silver
    • Instructions and Hardware Pack
      • All our replacement Bergara triggers come with complete instructions as well as a hardware pack that includes tools for installation
    • High Quality Materials
      • Our Bergara B-14 aftermarket / upgraded triggers feature a CNC machined housing made of billet aluminium
      • they are also black anodized if you purchase the black version
      • The trigger is steel cast and cnc machined for a perfect fit

If you have any questions related to finding the correct trigger for your application or need, you can reach out to us here. We’d be more than happy to help.