Remington Triggers

Aftermarket / Replacement Remington Rifle Triggers (Model 700, Model 7, 721, XR-100, 40x)

**Also, a replacement for Bergara B14 Series & CVA Cascade Series **

Looking for a replacement or aftermarket trigger for your Remington 700, Model 7, 721, XR-100 or 40x rifle?  Rifle Basix has what you’re looking for. Aftermarket triggers that out-perform stock triggers! Our Remington rifle triggers are built with billet aluminum for high strength, yet light application. Our triggers are heat treated to reduce wear and levers are nickel plated for smooth operation. All our Rifle Basix Remington triggers are hand-assembled, mounted on a test action and adjusted within advertised specs before packaging. Note, our Remington triggers are 100% fully adjustable. Our triggers also fit Bergara B14 series and CVA Cascade series rifles.
All our K-Kits Come with Safety and Bolt Stop Release
To Replace the X-Mark Pro Trigger, you Need to Purchase One of our K-Kits


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