Remington L-1K Kit 1.5lbs-4lbs pull – Hunting


Remington L-1K Kit 1.5lbs-4lbs pull – Hunting

(34 customer reviews)


  • Remington trigger with safety and bolt stop release
  • Replaces all Remington 700 triggers including X-Mark Pro & 721
  • Also works with Bergara B14 series & CVA Cascade series
  • Typically used for Hunting
  • Weight of pull range 1.5lbs – 4.0lbs
  • Comes complete with instructions and hardware pack for easy user installation
  • Available in Black or Silver
  • For right hand action only
  • 100% fully adjustable

Click Here for Installation: Remington Installation Instructions

* You choose weight of pull at checkout
** Replacing the X-MARK trigger requires purchase of a “K” kit

• The L-1K Kit includes a replacement Remington trigger with safety and bolt stop release.
• This kit replaces all Remington 700 triggers, including the X-Mark Pro and the 721. If you are looking for a Remington 700 Replacement Trigger and would like to also replace your safety assembly, the L-1 K Kit is your best bet!
• Also works with Bergara B14 series & CVA Cascade series
• Typically used for Hunting
• Weight of pull range 1.5lbs – 4.0lbs
• Comes complete with instructions and hardware pack for easy user installation
• Available in Black or Silver
• For right hand action only
• 100% fully adjustable
• You choose weight of pull at checkout
* For a lighter weight of pull, also check out the Rifle Basix LV-1K Kit
** Replacing the X MARK trigger requires purchase of this “K” kit or a different style of “K” kit.




Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 in
Weight of Pull

1.5 lbs, 2.0 lbs, 2.5 lbs, 3.0 lbs, 3.5 lbs, 4.0 lbs



34 reviews for Remington L-1K Kit 1.5lbs-4lbs pull – Hunting

  1. melvin w. wilson

    My 50+year old Rem. 700 varmint .308 finally got a trigger it richly deserves, breaks perfectly wouldn’t change a thing on this 1.5 lb. trigger

  2. Scott Crofoot

    WOW! Purchased two of these, both set for the same weight so both rifles would have the same trigger. Absolutely cannot tell the difference. Both function perfectly flawless with no creep or overtravel. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for perfection.

  3. Ward

    Makes all the difference in the world… Fast shipment, Easy to install. This is my second that I have purchased for my Rem 700’s and both are AWESOME.

  4. Duane

    installed the trigger very easy works great nice clean crisp pull no slop no creep just the way I like it. Set exactly the way it should be

  5. Roger

    Outstanding quality. Easy installation with a few minor modifications to the stock. Brought back new life to my old 721 with original Remington trigger.

  6. Roger D. Hermes

    Outstanding quality. Easy instilation with a few minor modifications to the stock. Brought back new life to my old 721 with original Remington trigger.

  7. Chad C

    Outstanding! Fast shipping and easy install! Thanks for a great product! 👍

  8. John Howerter

    Trigger showed up shortly after ordered with no problems. Install was easy thanks to the videos. Trigger pull is much nicer than the original. I hope to shoot it this weekend.
    All good so far.

  9. James Cooper

    Nice improvement over stock Bergara trigger. I’m no gunsmith and I was able to install without too many four letter words.

  10. Copeland McQuarrie

    Perfect ! Fast Delivery , Works Great!

  11. Bryon

    This trigger was easy to install. Fitment was perfect

  12. K

    Good quality product. What a difference! Trigger breaks much better than original. Pleasantly surprised. Helped with accuracy at the range and in the field. Get one you won’t be disappointed.

  13. Scott Widner

    I normally don’t mess with reviews but this company deserves recognition for their customer service. I received the trigger i ordered very quickly but noticed a flaw that ultimately became a big problem prior to installation. I sent 1 email regarding the issue and had a replacement at my door in 3 days from clear across the country. This company will get much more of my business.

  14. JR Anderson

    I installed the L-1K in a Model 7 AAC in 300BO. The factory trigger was gritty and heavy, I ordered the Rifle Basix trigger at 2lbs. I do not have a trigger gauge but I think it’s about right. Could have went with 2.5-3lbs and I would happy with it, wouldn’t want it any lighter though. It does have a small amount of creep still but since it is very smooth with no grittiness at all it is quite manageable. I’m very happy with this trigger and would buy it again. I didn’t follow the instructions. I re-used the existing trigger pins, only drove them halfway out then back in once the trigger was swapped. My receiver was not staked. Don’t know if that’s because it was an AAC gun or if they just don’t do that anymore. These triggers are money well spent. If you’re thinking about one, go ahead and order it you won’t regret it.

  15. Brett

    Installed this trigger in my Bergara B14R rimfire rifle. Installation was very easy in this rifle. Trigger pull is excellent at just shy of the requested 1.5 lbs according to my Lyman digital pull gauge. The wide trigger face is evenly serrated and feels just right with a lot of surface area to apply pressure to. Very pleased!

  16. Michael Schaff

    Great trigger, easy install. Quality product.

  17. Tom O

    Bought this to replace “one of those” triggers on a Rem700. Instructions were “OK” but YouTube helped a lot. Once in….beautiful. Clean break on the pull, quiet release of safety. Overall very happy.

  18. James Reichfeld

    the trigger was exactly as advertised and the trigger pull weight was 3 lbs. as I ordered.
    crisp and clean.

  19. Kenny Morrison

    I received the trigger in less time than I was expecting and it is twice the trigger that the factory trigger was. Smoother cleaner action witch leads to a better pull allowing for more accurate shot placement.

  20. Steven Morgan

    Fantastic trigger!!! Perfect drop in, and the pull weight is dead nuts on. Love your triggers!!

  21. Jack Krimmer

    This is an excellent trigger. Just what I wanted for my Remington 722 30-06. At 2 1/2 lbs. it is crisp, consistent, with almost no creep or over travel. A perfect trigger for a hunting rifle.


    Perfect trigger for a custom hunting rig I just put together for customer. Crisp response without any creep!!! Excellent product.

  23. Ashley Williams

    Exactly what i wanted and shipping was quick and painless…ill be back…

  24. Jeffrey Hoop

    I am very pleased to install in Remington 700. My original would fire sometimes moving from safety to the fire position. Very easy to install watching the video. Thank You !

  25. Ken Anderson

    Perfect, great quality and instructions were spot on even though I’ve done this before. This is my first purchase from your team and there will be many more, great job and thank you.

  26. Rupe

    I ordered a replacement trigger for my Remington 700 and I had it in my hands 3 days later. There was a small issue with the new trigger and I sent an email to the team and they had a new trigger on the way the next day. Very satisfied with the trigger and their customer service!

  27. Tony Davis

    The best trigger out there works great Remington 700

  28. Dalen Wood

    Love the trigger! Breaks smooth, easy diy installation.

  29. James Nash

    The service was great. Trigger works great Bergara rifle.

  30. Jim Bonney

    Installed the Remington L-1K kit on a model 722 with the older type walker trigger that requires the safety to be in the off position to open the bolt. After following the included instructions the trigger went in without any issues, Since the bankruptcy Remington Arms is not processing any recalls. Had the trigger set for 2.5 lbs for hunting and found the trigger to be smooth, without creep and no over travel. Would definitely recommend and my next trigger will be rifle basix.

  31. John

    We have now finished a rebuild on an old Rem 700, new barrel, refinish the stock, and test fired. The old trigger was not in the class of the finished rifle. After installing the Basix trigger, we now have a first-class rifle that will impress any shooter. We can not give six stars, but the trigger deserves it.

  32. Jeff

    Great trigger but there is a very small amount of creep detectable. Not enough to bother with and it still gets 5 stars.

  33. Tim Oliver

    Finally got to tryout my new Rifle Basix trigger last weekend, it was exactly what I was looking for, crisp break, no over travel. The trigger was easy to adjust, also tightened up my groups. My next triggers will definitely be Rifle Basixs!

  34. Ed Bott

    Just got back from the range with my Remington 700 and Marlin 880 with newly installed Rifle Basix triggers. No creep and breaks like glass at my designated pull weight. Ordered the triggers on a Saturday night and had them Monday afternoon. Can’t beat that for service!

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