Savage Arms 110 SAV-2 4oz-3lbs (Universal)


Savage Arms 110 SAV-2 4oz-3lbs (Universal)

(36 customer reviews)


• Replaces all 110 Type Savage Arms Actions
• Will replace Models: 10, 11, 12, 110, 16, 111, 112, 114 & 116
• Will replace standard trigger or new AccuTrigger™
• Will replace all 110 type centerfire triggers manufactured after January 1966
• Also replaces Savage / Stevens Model 200 and Savage 210 slug gun
• Long & Short • Early & Late • Left & Right Hand
• Universal uses: Hunting, Varmint & Target
• Comes complete with instructions, hardware pack, & wrench for easy user installation
• Weight of pull range: 4oz.-3.0lbs
• Available in Black or Silver
**Will not accommodate any rifle with bolt stop release near trigger guard. Please see our SAV-1 Trigger **

Click Here for SAV-2 Installation Video
Click Here for SAV-2 PDF Installation Guide (non-accu)


• Replaces all 110 Type Savage Arms Actions
• Will replace Models: 10, 11, 12, 110, 16, 111, 112, 114 & 116
• Will replace standard trigger or new AccuTrigger™
• Will replace all 110 type centerfire triggers manufactured after January 1966
• Also replaces Savage / Stevens Model 200 and Savage 210 slug gun
• Long & Short • Early & Late • Left & Right Hand
• Universal uses: Hunting, Varmint & Target
• Comes complete with instructions, hardware pack, & wrench for easy user installation
• Weight of pull range:  4oz.-3.0lbs
• Available in Black or Silver
**Will not accommodate any rifle with button style bolt stop release in front of the trigger guard. Please see our SAV-1 Trigger **

Click Here for SAV-2 Installation Video
Click Here for SAV-2 PDF Installation Guide (non-accu)

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 in




36 reviews for Savage Arms 110 SAV-2 4oz-3lbs (Universal)

  1. Billy Martone

    Excellent replacement! Exactly what I was looking for!

  2. Dennis Young

    SAV-2 Trigger, Installed this trigger on a Savage 12 VLP, Making a gun to compete in Factory Benchrest. Added this trigger, a barrel and a lot of TLC. gonna make a great shooter, trigger compares to a Jewel I have on a Panda action. I LIKE IT !!!!


    great trigger! didn’t know it could this good. happy with my choice.

  4. Barry Gott

    I’m no gunsmith, so I’m sure I had more difficulty than someone more mechanically inclined, but it went together in my Savage 12 with no real issues. Adjustment took me a bit to get it where I liked it, and I don’t have a gauge to know exactly where it ended up, but I’d say right around a crisp 2 pounds or slightly less. That was with the heavier spring, so I am very pleased with this my first trigger from Rifle Basix.

  5. Edmond Desbiens

    Great feel Very light I set it to 5.7 oz measured with a good device. Mush improved experience compared to accutrigger. Installation was relatively easy.I did have to do a bit of filling because, I believe, having a Model 12 and the receiver tube/Body is a bit thicker. Definitely would recommend.

  6. Sonny J.

    Had a little problem with instructions.
    Still worked out real well.
    Had fun with setting the pull weight and adjusting for different weights.
    Consistent 12 oz. To 14 oz. Range.
    Looking forward to shooting soon.

  7. Kyle

    Good upgrade over accutrigger, I wasn’t able to set mine lower than 12 oz without having a potential slam fire from closing the bolt hard.

  8. Martin Roy

    I do not speak English
    J’ai eu de précieux renseignements de la part de Clay par E-mail et un excellent et rapide service par la suite
    Mon nouveau trigger Savage Arms 110 SAV-2 est tout simplement merveilleux
    Je l’ai ajuster à 4 oz et il fonctionne parfaitement
    Veiller à bien prendre le temps de regarder la vidéo car le truc avec une broche métallique pour enlever et remettre le petit ressort fonctionne très bien (sinon vous risquez de le perdre) et suivre comme il faut pour l’ajustement final.
    Merci encore Jeff et Clay pour votre excellent service et votre très bon trigger 🙂

  9. RS

    Great trigger! I ordered and received my new trigger then installed it. It felt really good but the bolt was catching on the release. I called and they immediately sent me a replacement. Great trigger and awesome customer service!

  10. Bobby

    This is a great replacement for the factory trigger. Not too difficult to install, just need a little bit better installation video!

  11. James Parham

    After some tuning it was great

  12. Jared

    Great product installed awhile ago just got it out way better then factory trigger glad I installed it easy to put in since I have never done it before. Installed in savage 300 win mag model 110

  13. Michael Heusser

    Easy to install. It took me about an hour to get the adjustments correct.
    I had to work on the sear where it contacts the barrel to get proper sear adjustment.
    ( Basically I gave it a little bit of clearance to ensure proper sear engagement)
    I set the trigger pull at about 21Oz.
    Anyway, this trigger is a good deal for the price.


    Had to do something, couldn’t keep the stock 5 plus pound trigger pull on my Savage F Open competition rifle. Installed the Rifle Basix SAV-2 and I now have a crisp 8 oz trigger, pretty sure this will help my scores.

  15. Tim Wilson

    Installed on a circa 1995-1996 116. Followed video and installation was easy and straight forward.
    Have not had a chance to range test yet, but just picked up a lyman trigger pull guage and find that I have it set at 11/2# which is by far the lightest trigger I have. It is taking a little time dry-firing to get used to such a light trigger, but I believe it should be perfectly safe. I have banged my hand hard on the stock and bounced butt reasonalbly hard on floor, and have not had the sear trip at all.

  16. aidan bennett

    Im in the UK and received great service from Clay, the trigger arrived earlier than i expected, i followed the installation video with no problem. the trigger performs as i wanted and is set at 6 oz, although i have currently only dry fired it. one minor difficulty, when i came to insert the bolt for the first time it wouldn’t go in, on closer inspection you could see that the bolt release tang was slightly proud in the chamber on the R/H/S, with the other side of the sear hard against the stop on the trigger, i used a dremel and removed maybe 2 thou from top edge of the tang sitting in the chamber, the bolt then in cycled with no problems and all adjustment worked correctly, very happy. now want one for my 338lm RPR is there a trigger available thanks Aidan

  17. Tim m

    Easy install took 10 minutes crisp pull clean break love it

  18. David

    Struggled a bit with the springs falling out during installation. It comes assembled, so be careful when tanking it apart. One of my e clips sprung, so I had to find another that would work. Other than that, the product is an awesome trigger.

  19. Donald Tutuska

    Put this trigger on a Mod 10 savage stealth and it works better than I anticipated. Had a little trouble making it fit but after some very helpful advice from their customer service it went in without a hitch. Great product and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to upgrade their factory Mod 10 trigger.

  20. Robert MARTINEZ

    Verey happy with this new trigger. Easy to install, and adjust. Great improvment from stock trigger..

  21. Daniel Davis

    Received the trigger one day early and in 1/2 hour had it on and tuning it to my preferences. Have a nice crisp trigger that breaks at 10 Ounces on my Savage 110. Watch the video, it works and was a breeze to install. Would certainly recommend this trigger as an upgrade over the Accu-trigger.

  22. Jason Drerup

    Trigger work good, have it a 4.5 Oz. This is on a bench gun only. Would have had 5 star but finish of the trigger was a little rough. Had burrs on mold seem. Mold seem on face of trigger was not removed (not that big of deal just visual). Also had large burr on tip of trigger that I touched up with a fine file.

  23. Brian de Winter

    Installed the SAV-2 on a pre accu trigger Savage model 12 and set at 12 oz. Installation was a breeze with the You Tube instruction video. Great upgrade for reasonable cost. Very pleased.

  24. Jim Chappell

    I had a problem with the first one I got. But sent an
    email and they sent a replacement the same day.
    Tried it out over the weekend and LOVED it. The
    trigger is amazing. The customer service is incredible.
    Clay Mitchell helped me get the replacement and
    you won’t find better people anywhere. Loving this

  25. David

    Just installed a new Sav-2 trigger on my Savage SS target action. delivery was very fast and So far I like what I see. The installation and adjustment video’s are an excellent resource. Now I need to hit the range to test it out. So far dry firing with a snap-cap has shown the trigger to be very smooth. Two thumbs up!!

  26. Joseph Maiden

    Installed on a clients rifle and he was very pleased with the trigger.

  27. Mark Withrow

    As I expected with any replacement trigger, there was some fitting and modification that needed to be done. The sear stop/bolt release stop of the trigger was much too long to allow my bolt to be removed or installed in the action.
    A little time with a hand file and a sanding drum and it was letting my bolt in and out of the action.
    As far as the performance of the trigger goes… It’s phenomenal.
    The light spring is absolutely scary. It will turn your Savage into a bench only rifle. After adjusting the sear engagement and over-travel, it was a literal hair trigger, but it was still a safe trigger.
    I opted for the heavy trigger spring, and right now it breaks at 14 oz. cleanly and crisply.
    From now on if I buy a new rifle, it will have a Rifle Basix trigger in it.

  28. Scott Barrett

    Exceptional product and easy to install. I had to spend a little time getting it fitted back on and getting the holes lined up. Currently shooting it at 5.5oz and there is a tiny bit of creep, but unnoticeable when live firing.

  29. Mark Dorsey

    Very easy to install, world of difference from stock trigger! Played with it to get the setting I wanted and of course to make sure it was safe. Total time was about 20 minutes. Thank you my old trusty rifle is now a really good shooter.

  30. Dave A.

    I recently purchased a SAV2 trigger from an online retailer. Install was very straightforward, especially when following the step by step instructional video on the website. Unfortunately when I got to the point of installing the bolt back into the action, the sear wouldn’t quite get out of the way to allow the bolt through.

    I called Rifle Basix and spoke with Jeff. He asked a few simple questions to gather a some details about my situation. That same day he sent me a replacement trigger that had some adjustments made to correct the issue at no cost to me. Round two went off without a hitch, adjusted everything right where I wanted it per the video. I’ve got it set to about 12oz and definitely does go lower if needed.

    I can’t say enough about the customer service I received from Rifle Basix…absolutely top notch. This company does everything to do right by their customers. Thank you again!

  31. Alton Nitschke

    I have used the Sav-2 Trigger in my target rifle for a number of years and was very please with pull weight, crispness and overall function of this trigger. Recently, I attempted to install this model in my Savage Model 10 and encountered some fitting problems which were due to the actual measurements of the Action being somewhat different, not allowing this trigger to be installed without the bolt being allowed to be installed.
    After some conversations with the technical staff at Rifle Basix, the problem was resolved satisfactorily and I was really pleased with the results. I have told several of my friends and my gunsmith about the excellent customer service from Rifle Basix. I will be buying this product for my hunting rifle and will definitely continue to use this product. Instructions are excellent and the customer service is unparalleled. A great company with a great product and customer service. Thank you for everything.

  32. jlcycles

    GREAT TRIGGER!!!!!! I installed a trigger from another manufacturer and could not get it consistent. Your SAV-2 on the other hand is perfect. I found a sweet spot at 20 oz. No creep and no over travel. Thanks for a great product.

  33. Jason Tillison

    Thank you very much for the trigger! Crisp and smooth is, as always, an understatement! The SAV-2 trigger was put to good use today in the ELR Central/NRA One Mile Match. I had hits at 1500 and 1760. Was recognized for being a NRA One Mile club shooter.

  34. Blaine Miller

    I ordered a Sav- 2 trigger. Trigger arrived. Installed it. Set the trigger to my liking. I tried slamming the bolt. I tried moving safety back an forth the magic number of times. Rapped the butt of the rifle with a rubber mallet. Perfect. ZERO CREEP, SAFE. When you add to our rifles things should improve, right? This is a very nice trigger. Oh! And if you call them, you talk to a person. I called to tell them how great a trigger it was. Thank you Blaine Miller

  35. Shad Kimbrell

    This is an excellent trigger,..period….
    Replaced the factory trigger on my .308 savage model 10,this was a significant step-up in quality & performance.
    The provided installation video made the Install,simple & easy.
    Took about 10 minutes start to finish.
    I set mine at 6 oz.and will be used in F-Class Comp.s.
    Smooth,breaks clean and in my option,better than the Timneys I own,compares to the Jewels I have in my Rem.700s.

  36. Richard Niles

    Ok, installed the SAV-2 on my LRPV in .223. This trigger if fantastic over the factory Savage Trigger. I don’t want to beat up on the company and their idea of a good trigger. They should send people to Rifle Basix for training though. Travelled to the range today, and the let off on the SAV-2 was crisp with no creep that I could determine. We changed the spring and went light on the actual pull. It breaks at 7.5 oz’s right now. It could go lower I think, but I was very comfortable with this setting. First group was a little wild at about .560 CtC at 100 yards. After that though, we settled into some sub .250 groups. I shoot nothing but 5 round groups for measurement, and it was like trying to mic a single hole at times. Very happy with this trigger, and I fear that now I have three other rifles that will need an upgrade.

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