Savage Arms Trigger Sear w/o AccuTrigger – SAV-R


Savage Arms Trigger Sear w/o AccuTrigger – SAV-R

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• Savage Arms Rimfire Rifles & “Striker” Pistols WITHOUT AccuTrigger™
• Fits both Right and Left Hand Actions
• Models: 501, 502, & 503, Mark I & II, Model 93 in both .17 & .22 (Walmart)
• Also fits Stevens Model 310
• Comes complete with instructions, hardware pack, and adjustment wrench for easy user installation

Click Here for Installation: SAV-R Sear Installation Instructions

• Savage Arms Rimfire Rifles & “Striker” Pistols WITHOUT AccuTrigger™
• Fits both Right and Left Hand Actions
• Models: 501, 502, & 503, Mark I & II, Model 93 in both .17 & .22 (Walmart)
• Also fits Stevens Model 310
• Comes complete with instructions, hardware pack, and adjustment wrench for easy user installation

Click Here for Installation: SAV-R Sear Installation Instructions

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 in

Black, Silver

20 reviews for Savage Arms Trigger Sear w/o AccuTrigger – SAV-R

  1. John R

    Ordered and received this 3 months ago, but had to send my WalMart Model 93G back to Savage so they could fix the dreaded ‘loose magazine’ problem. They did a great job, it just took them 3 months to get it back to me, but they not only fixed that issue, they also replaced the stock because the barrel rubbed the stock on the left side; now it passes the dollar bill test with flying colors. I had to file a little bit on the trigger to get the safety to engage, and the housing walls are too narrow to be able to turn the jam nut, but a little locktite on the sear spring compression screw should hold it in place. Other than that, install was pretty easy, and OMG, the feel and weight reduction of the trigger are incredibly good. I Highly Recommend!

  2. John Braun

    I installed sav-r trigger kit on my savage 93 17 hmr (walmart), it took less than a hour and with a few minor adjustments I went from over 7 lbs. pull to about 2 lbs. I have not had chance to shoot it yet. Thanks

  3. Gary Fogle

    Fantastic replacement for the gritty trigger that came on my 17HMR originally. I highly recommend getting this if your Savage has a non adjustable trigger!

  4. John Reschke

    This will turn that old 93R Trigg into a world class Trigger. It was easier to install than it looks. Tuning it wasn’t bad . I had to sand inlet of the stock slightly to get a perfect fit. It’s worth every penny. So smooth!!

  5. Daryl Poland

    My first time dealing with this. Original trigger almost needed a pry bar to pry it back. New sear really made a difference. Very pleased. I did have to do a little filing on trigger to get safety to engage. No creep and very crisp and lite trigger now. Will definitely do business with you again when needed.

  6. Dean Ozanne

    This didn’t actually fit the Pre Savage Lakefield MK2,Savage bought Lakefield in 1994, I bought it for but Clay was as always absolutely excellent to deal with. Absolutely no hassles getting the product refunded. Have been buying their triggers for many years, always top notch service.

  7. Eric Brayman

    I’m a known trigger snob and have for 25 years simply bought Tim, G, TrigT, Jwl, Jrd, etc…. And then this happens, F’in amazing. My 93R17 is a new; & better, tack driver. Highly recommend you go for it. Not a simple swap, but sooooo worth it. Glad I didn’t overpay for the orther guys. Thx ya’ll. Customer for life.

  8. Mark Hawk

    Simple enough and it works. My Savage17Cal has a smooth light trigger now.

  9. DeadIDik

    I installed kit today on 22wmr. Dry fired 50 plus times. Adjusting screws, very,very slight creep. Crisp it is! Learn ur travel. It’s common.

  10. Kirk

    Great upgrade. I was considering buying a new model with accutrigger because the trigger was just so Bad. No need to now. This makes trigger crisp and smooth.

  11. Scott Wright

    I am very pleased with the replacement sear for my Savage model 93.  The previous trigger (pre-accu trigger) was dreadful and the new one from Rifle Basix is very sharp and crisp.  My gunsmith (RBC Gunsmithing) initially had trouble with the install, and called your company for help.  He advised that the service was great and a replacement part was going to be sent post-haste, however he got the adjustment made and did not need the replacement after all. 

        I am now sold on Rifle Basix products and will continue to use your products for any future needs as well as recommending them to others.  And I know that my gunsmith also recommends your products as well.  Thank you for great service and a great product. 

  12. Wyatt

    Excellent. I was skeptical but now my gun has a smooth hair trigger. Well worth it.

  13. Wyatt

    Awesome. Had to leave a review due to being skeptical. Made my pre accutrigger gun smooth as silk.

  14. Mike

    Trigger is a huge improvement on non accutrigger .17
    Install was simple and straightforward. Trigger is light and crisp. Have not had a chance to use it yet but rifle was a lazer out to 180 yds prior to install w the existing 6lb trigger and will only be better now
    Ground squirrels are in trouble for sure. Thanks for the great product

  15. james mckown

    absolutely love this new trigger. old one was creepy and gritty. now it’s crisp and breaks at 1lb 12 oz. worth the money for sure

  16. Douglas Gilbert

    Nice product and relatively easy to install. Adjusted per the initial instructions and had no reason to change. Now have a very smooth trigger and accuracy improved as a result. Well worth the cost.

  17. Rick D

    its not a drop in and shoot trigger , it takes some grinding to work right. that being said once you get it adjusted right its great

  18. Ryan

    Great replacement for stock (non-accu trigger) trigger. Pretty simple replacement. This trigger is far more crisp and lighter to fire. Adjustments can be fine tuned to satisfy your needs. Way better option than stock trigger! Highly recommend!

  19. Ted Elmendorf

    Spoke with you the other day about the install, and how some fitting may be needed on older Mark II rifles like mine, but a nice 2.5# break was attained.

    The proof is in the shooting. Group sizes are easily halved from what they were with no changes other than your trigger upgrade. Sub 1″ 5-shot groups are the norm at 50 yds, where before it was closer to 3″. I spent $92 for the rifle back in the day, and the trigger sear was $96. Worth it? I am pleased to have a $190 rifle that I can easily hit what I am shooting at, vs a $92 rifle that there was always a doubt. If performance is the goal, this upgrade is worth every cent.

  20. Mike Bennett

    You make a great product. I installed the new sear with no issues in my old Savage 17hmr. It’s always a breath of fresh air when a company does what they say. Thx

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