Rifle Basix SAV-2 Trigger Installation Guide (Videos)

The following video provides simple steps on installing our SAV-2 rifle trigger for Savage Arms rifles. Note there is a video for standard trigger replacement and a video for AccuTrigger replacement as they are slightly different.

Important things to note prior to watching the video:
* We have partially pre-assembled this SAV-2 Trigger for you
* Heavier weight of pull spring is pre-installed. For the lighter weight of pull, remove current spring and install the red spring
* 150 degree sear spring (for older Savage 110 centerfire actions) is no longer included in our hardware pack. If you need this spring please contact us at sales@riflebasix.com or (704) 499-3087.

(The newer AccuTrigger DOES NOT require the 150 degree sear spring, and uses the factory 90 degree spring)

For additional information on the SAV-2 product, go here.

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