Remington 700 / Model Seven Rifle Recall Details

We know the Remington recall has been out for awhile now, but we wanted to provide all the details around the recall to help gun owners determine if their guns do indeed need their triggers replaced and also provide some of our Rifle Basix alternatives.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Remington provided a voluntary recall of the Model 700 and Model Seven rifle. This recall involves rifles with the X-Mark Pro trigger. There’s been a lot of controversy over this trigger, causing the rifles to discharge unintentionally.

For more information on the specific recall notice go here:

CNBC did a special on this situation back in 2014 where the Model 700 rifle would fire without the trigger being pulled.  This produced more exposure on the situation which ultimately Remington decided to address because of safety concerns.

We recommend you check your Remington 700 / Model Seven rifle to ensure your trigger does not fall within the recalled model numbers. (A tip, the X-Mark Pro trigger has a full circular pressure clip whereas the older standard triggers have a C Clip.)

Rifle Basix also carries replacement triggers for the Model 700 and Model Seven rifle. For this specific recall of the X Mark Pro trigger (May 2006 – May 2014), the Rifle Basix replacement kit is the K Kit (L-1K, LV-1K, etc.). The K Kit includes safety and bolt release attached to the trigger.
(Note that our K Kit’s do support the Model Seven, but the bolt release will be different per Remington’s specific type of bolt release for this rifle. Please include specifics for the Model Seven in the comments section of your order)

  • The X Mark Pro safety & bolt stop release will not transfer to our housing.

Browse our Remington rifle replacement triggers here or visit our Remington Model 700 Trigger page to help determine which trigger you need.

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