Best Caliber Rifle for Varmint Hunting

Varmint Laying Next to Rifle

Are you interested in varmint hunting? Are you trying to figure out what caliber would be best to reach out and touch a wide variety of targets from far off prairie dogs to darting coyotes? If so, let us help you out as we provide our top pick as well as some helpful tips for

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Remington 700 / Model Seven Rifle Recall Details

We know the Remington recall has been out for awhile now, but we wanted to provide all the details around the recall to help gun owners determine if their guns do indeed need their triggers replaced and also provide some of our Rifle Basix alternatives. For anyone who doesn’t know, Remington provided a voluntary recall

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Remington Arms Co. Company History

Remington Arms Co. Company History Remington Arms Company History of the Firearms Business  1816 – Legend has it that a young Eliphalet Remington II believed he could build a better gun than he could buy, and he set out to craft such a gun on his father’s forge located at Ilion Gulch, New York.  In the autumn

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