Marlin Rimfire MAR-1 (1lb – 2.5lb pull)


Marlin Rimfire MAR-1 (1lb – 2.5lb pull)

(33 customer reviews)


• Marlin Rimfire Replacement trigger for the following models prior to 2005 including models: 15, 25, 780, 781, 782, 783, 880, 882, 883, 17 V, 17 VS & 2000.
• Comes complete with instructions, hardware pack, and wrench for easy user installation.
• Weight of pull range between 1lb – 2.5lbs.
• Available in Black & Silver

Click Here for Installation: MAR-917 / MAR-1 Installation Instruction

• These Marlin Rimfire Replacement Triggers work on Marlin firearms bolt action rimfires that were manufactured prior to 2005, including the following models: 15, 25, 780, 781, 782, 783, 880, 881, 882, 883, 17 V, 17 VS & 2000.
• If you have a bolt action Marlin rimfire and it is not a 900 series, this is the trigger you need.
• Comes complete with instructions, hardware pack, and wrench for easy user installation.
• Weight of pull range: 1lb-2.5lbs
• Available in Black & Silver

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 in


33 reviews for Marlin Rimfire MAR-1 (1lb – 2.5lb pull)

  1. Leon Duggar

    Amazing product!! Arrived a day or two early. Easy to understand instructions. Quality product that does exactly wat is supposed to do. The Triger on my 882SSV is now how it should have come from the factory. Smooth, short travel and then it breaks like glass. Anyone looking to upgrade triggers, just bite the bullet and get this kit. Stop being cheap and shopping for ball point pen springs. they wont give you the adjustability and peace of mind that this kit will. 10 0ut of 10.

  2. Charles Minakowski

    So simple, it’s stupid easy, what a improvement to MY 783 MARLIN…makes this gun a real nice shooter…I,m very very pleased with this trigger,If your looking to Improve your rifle, this a good START …….CHARLIE MINNO?

  3. LT

    Installed trigger on Marlin 25mn. Install was about a 15 min jop. Trigger set at 1.8 lbs on trigger scale. Had to play around with sear engagement a bit to get rid of creep. Nice light crisp trigger after install complete. Dropped gun on butt stock on floor a few times no issues. Very impressed with upgrade.

  4. Doug

    Fit and adjustment could not have been any better. Took my Marlin 882SSV from terrible to amazing! Incredibly easy to install and adjust, anyone can do it.

  5. John Stansak

    I installed the MAR-1 trigger in my 1989 Marlin 25N. My rifle has the screw in trigger pin. I followed the instructions for installation and ended up with a 2 lb trigger, which is what I wanted. (I did go to 1.5 lbs and worked up to 2 lbs.) Trigger is crisp and breaks consistently at 2 lbs. Bolt will not come out at this setting, as instructions state. I’ll just measure the length of the trigger adjustment screw left outside of the actual trigger and restore it when I want to remove and re-install the bolt. Over travel adjustment is not possible and was not expected.

  6. John Schubert

    My Marlin 882 SS 22 mag had a horrible trigger. Over 7 # and not smooth. Bought the rifle Basix. Read the instructions. Installed the trigger and had minor interference with the safety.
    Removed a few thousandths off the safety and restored full function. My groups are now under 3/4″ at 50 yards without a bench. Love your products.

  7. Richard Brownlee Jr

    Bought it for my Marlin model 25 Glenfield, took some time to lap and polish the sear. Cleaned up the trigger pins and striker. I worked it down from 1 pound to a little over 1/2 a pound, it could go lower but anything less and i started to trip the action when cycling.

    I do not recommend doing this unless you know exactly what you are doing, since the firearm can become dangerous if improperly adjusted.

  8. Matt Landreth

    If you are still shopping around,just stop and buy a Rifle Basix trigger you wont be disappointed.Took a good rifle,and made it better.Very crisp,well made,fits like a glove.Will buy another one soon.

  9. Pat Gunther

    Had to file the area the trigger fits in. I still need to remove a little material but even with that needing done it is very light and crisp. It feels comparable to much more expensive precision rifle units.

  10. Ronnie Smith

    Bought this for a Marlin 22 Magnum. I have always hated the trigger on this gun. It had a 8 1/2 lb trigger pull I haven’t used this gun in over 10 years. Now with the new trigger I will use it in the 50-100 yd range on varmints. Easy to install and adjust the weight you want on the trigger. Wish I would of had this for the last ten years and it wouldn’t have been a Safe Queen.

  11. Curt Watson

    Easy installation,set the trigger so the safety works and the gun does not fire when you close the bolt.light, crisp trigger pull, well worth the money!

  12. Daniel Rubner

    I was giving my 880 sq a make-over with trimming the barrel to 16.5 and threading it. New Boyd At-One stock, Athlon 6-24 FFP scope and this new trigger set to a consistent 22 oz. Finished it off. Easy trigger install.

  13. Mike Davis

    Bought this one for a Marlin 783 bolt action 22mag. Extremely easy to replace, easy instructions to understand and follow. The trigger is crisp, clean. Wish I had done sooner

  14. Davis Krieghoff

    Installed without a single hiccup on a glenfield model 25, great break, light pull, easy to install and adjust. Can’t ask for anything better

  15. William Powell

    Excellent service, outstanding trigger. Easily installed on my 25MN. Will be buying another for my 25M.

  16. Doug Ford

    Absolutely beautiful..what a difference..nice light clean crisp trigger pull..took 5 minutes to change out and delivered to Canada in a week..recommend this 100 percent

  17. A R Williams

    Haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet but installation was super easy and the trigger pull is 1000% better than the factory trigger. Great product and great customer service!

  18. James Hagan

    The trigger turned my 88osq into a competive little rifle. I’m thinking about entering some KYL shoots. Thanks to the trigger I can stack on top of each other. Now lets see if they can improve my precision 22 and maybe my savage 17HMR. Glad I found Rifle Basix.

  19. Jeff

    Great little trigger. This rifle has needed this upgrade for a long time. Very simple to install and adjust and has made a huge difference in POI.

  20. Timothy Clark

    Its like having a whole new rifle!
    Product arrived quickly and I installed it in my Glenfield Model 20 in a few minutes. The package had the wrong size jam nut for the sear screw, but Clay got the correct one off to me right away, no questions asked.
    Its the best $100 I ever spent on a firearm.
    THANKS Rifle Basix and especially Clay for the quick, hassle free, correction.

  21. Justin

    Great customer service. Unfortunately this product didn’t work out for my particular configuration it’s worth trying. I would recommend this product based on the quality and customer service.

  22. Luftgewehr shutz

    Night & day difference from the factory trigger, rifle showing it’s full potential now 880sq. One minor gripe the instructions while clear could be a bit better explaining how to adjust the screws to achieve amount of trigger pull imho. Otherwise 10 min. Job easy. And…..most important made in USA.

  23. Drew Pernell

    I put your mar-1 in all my old marlins they always work perfectly. Some how i messed up the pull weight spring and called about buying a new one i received the new one in 2 day free of charge.. i will definitely buy here in the future

  24. dave

    Great people and a great product. Very easy to install!

  25. Dan

    Installed this on a Buckaroo YN 15. Simple to install and makes a really accurate little rifle even more accurate!

  26. Dennis

    EXACTLY what I was looking for. Took 5 minutes to install. 100% better than original trigger!

  27. Wapiti1886

    Wasn’t expecting the results I got for $100… absolute crisp, clean, consistent 2# break for my OLD 882. Like a totally different gun, I always struggled to maintain decent groups from the 6# crunchy factory trigger…not now.

  28. Hersey

    The trigger is what i was looking for except to install it i had to leave the safety lever off my 1990 model 880 Bolt Action Marlin, thus having no safety. I didn’t think this was maybe the best thing to do so I reluctantly returned the trigger

  29. Brett Martin

    I bought this for a Marlin 25M that I have had for 40 years. Ordered the trigger and shipping was super fast. When I installed the new trigger I was having issues with the trigger consistently engaging the sear. I gave Rifle Basix a quick call. What an absolute positive experience!! I can’t remember the name of the gentlemen I spoke with but he listened to my problem. We talked about what he thought the problem was and said he would send me another trigger to install as well as a shipping label to return the first one. The second trigger arrived in a matter of days. Installed the trigger and it works perfect – breaks between 1.8-2.0 pounds. Great product and great service! I will be purchasing triggers from Rifle Basix in the future for some other rifles I own that need an upgrade.

  30. William Catullo

    I installed this in my Marlin Model 880 stainless steel .22 rifle. Night and day difference! I was able to adjust the trigger to have a light, crisp release, yet I can bang the stock butt on the shooting bench and slam the bolt shut without the rifle firing pin releasing. I have no fear letting my grandsons using this rifle safely. This trigger is as good as, or better than the AccuTrigger on my Savage Axis II Precision Rifle (in my opinion)…

  31. jsm6285

    Delivered on time and fixed the trigger problem on my Glenfield 25. Very happy

  32. David Sanderson

    Trigger kit worked good fixed the bad trigger on my 880SQ. Also very good customer service. THANKS

  33. imrbnow

    I have bought your triggers previously for my CZ and Savage, terrific products,came back for more. This time for my Marlin 882 made 1989. Great guns those old Marlins, but triggers are really terrible. But your kit fixed the problem, set at 2lbs. Love your products and you are increasingly being known for your personal, quality customer service.

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