Ruger RU-T Trigger Sear


Ruger RU-T Trigger Sear

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• Replacement Sear for early bolt action centerfire Ruger with ‘Tang’ Safety.
• Produces clean, crisp, light pull operation in conjunction with fully adjustable factory trigger.
• Uses factory safety.
• Weight of pull range 14 oz to 2 lbs
• Comes complete with instruction sheet for easy installation

Click Here for Installation: RU-T Sear Installation Instructions

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• Replacement Sear for early bolt action centerfire Ruger with ‘Tang’ Safety.
• Produces clean, crisp, light pull operation in conjunction with fully adjustable factory trigger.
• Uses factory safety.
• Weight of pull range 14 oz to 2 lbs
• Comes complete with instruction sheet for easy installation

Click Here for Installation: RU-T Sear Installation Instructions

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 in

42 reviews for Ruger RU-T Trigger Sear

  1. Robert Gonzalez

    bought the RU-T replacement sear and did it ever make a big difference in the trigger pull weight. I have used Rifle Basix in the past for Savage replacement triggers before, but this was the first time for a tang safety Ruger. I will always continue to use Rifle Basix for my trigger needs. Great products and speedy service.

  2. Charles Muscato

    Worked out very well from 5 too 2 lbs what a delight ,Now for my Ruger mark ii 3 position safety

  3. Greg Johnston

    The sear was a perfect fit. Sadly though, it did not help my specific problem. My rifle is 40 yrs old and there was another issue that was unrelated to the sear.
    Contacted Rifle Basix explaining my situation. They were very understanding and gladly took the sear back an issued a promt refund. Excellent customer service! I’ll continue to use Rifle Basix in the future, I’d advise all to do the same.

  4. David

    Just perfect. Made the right rsi shoot so much more accurate.

  5. Anthony Laws

    So simple and works great ! In five minutes my trigger went from 6.5 lbs to 2 lbs. Definitely worth the money !

  6. Gabe

    This allowed my to adjust my factory Ruger M77 trigger from 6 lb 6 oz to 2 lbs 15 oz. It could be adjusted lighter but I like the triggers on my hunting rifles standardized to around 3 lbs. Easy adjustment and worth every dollar.

  7. Steve

    My factory setup was decent after some adjustment, however it wasn’t as consistent as would be ideal. I installed the replacement sear and readjusted the pull weight to 2-1/4 lbs. the consistency improved greatly. The only issue, very minor, was the trigger/sear sometimes wouldn’t return to set position if the bolt was cycled extremely gently. It probably wouldn’t have been an issue in regular operation, but a bit of polishing on the sear nose & trigger tang face made for perfect function.

  8. Keith Yawn

    Impressive… Went from almost 6 lb trigger to 2.5 lb. SO much better. Easy install although the “directions” were not all that helpful.

  9. John Sears


  10. Al

    I purchased the RU-T sear as best I was getting for trigger pull was about 5 lb. I prefer 2 1/2 – 3lb.
    Impressed with new sear, easy to install & now get as low as 2 1/4 lbs but adjusted to just over 2 1/2 which is perfect. Haven’t had time to shoot it but feels great when I tested it, so hopefully soon I can shoot it, but I know it’s going to be good.
    Very happy I purchased it as the 5 lb wasn’t acceptable to me.

  11. Lawrence

    I have two M77’S, and I got one of these for the one I shoot most based on the reviews not just on, but across many internet sites. Ordered on a Sunday/Monday and received on that very Friday.

    After a quick 5 minute install and some dry fire practice, I immediately hopped back online to buy another for the other M77. Absolutely a notably large difference in pull for the better.

    If you have more than one M77, just buy one for each all at once – you won’t regret it.

  12. Bill Gildea

    Quality product, shipper quick and great price. Trigger pull is now what I have always wanted. My M77 in 308 is from the early 80s and have always loved hunting with this riffle.
    Thanks for a great product.

  13. Jan Westa

    New sear for my early M77 works great. Thanks for a great product and fast service

  14. Jim Carney

    M77 RSI always had heavy trigger pull, 7.5 lbs. I installed the sear without much difficulty. Resulting pull was 2-3 lbs.
    Note: If you have a rifle that was modified by the over – travel adjustment recall (the bolt will have a letter T scribed on the underside), SKIP the instructions relating to the OT screw. OT function is rendered non-functional by the short screw installed per Ruger’s recall.

  15. Jeff P

    Wow, what a difference! I’ve owned my M77 25-06 for over 30 years and I’ve disliked the trigger the entire time. No more! Light, crisp trigger pull every time. I definitely recommend this product for anyone wanting better performance out of their M77.

  16. Royal D. Merrill

    Installation was quick and easy. the instructions and pictures were clear and thorough. I did not test the trigger pull before replacement. Many years of satisfactory performance, i.e. many elk and mule deer harvested, but I clearly felt a cleaner, crisper break and a noticeable lighter press after the installation. I can’t wait to run some accuracy groups. M77V Bull barrel in 7mm Rem Express.

  17. robert brannan

    great product, brought my m77 trigger from 4.5lb to right under 2lb 1.14oz. Great service and fast shipping will be doing business with them in feature, also great simple instructions

  18. Greg

    Easy install good product at a great price

  19. Eric

    Installed in about 15-20 mins. Turned my round top .270 into a hair trigger. Firing pin dropped with a slam of the bolt.


    A minor adjustment brought it right to where I like it at 2.5lbs. Cleanest trigger break of an old rifle I’ve ever felt. JUST BE SURE TO ALWAYS CHECK PROPER OPERATION AFTER INSTALLATION of really any firearm part.

    Great product, and will be going to Rifle Basix again for other parts I may need.

  20. John Sears

    installed new sear on m-77 7mm mag and 300 mag, now ready to sight in with trigger than has crisp break. feels awesome, like new rifle, just better. easy install lost one clip for safety, just bought e-clip at hardware store, works great. think it was 1/2 inch

  21. Sam

    Installed this sear in my M77 Ruger. Simple 15 minute job. Trigger is crisp and set at 2 1/2 lbs. Did replace trigger spring. Great product. Good customer service.

  22. Eric mchenry


  23. Jim

    I own a Ruger 77RL in 257 roberts which has been my favorite deer rile for 38 years since new. Great for hunting but never shot groups under 2 1/2 inches on the bench I believe because of the very heavy trigger.I installed the new sear kit in 20 minutes and shot the rifle again with groups of just over an inch. The trigger is now 2lbs and feels the way I think it should feel
    . Great product easy to install.

  24. Jim

    Have a Ruger 77 ultra light which I have owned for 38 years and only complaint I ever had was the stiff trigger which I believe effected the accuracy of this 257roberts. In 20 minutes it took to install the sear kit it’s like a different rifle. Product works as advertised. Very satisfied.

  25. Burl Dennis Gerrald

    This product is excellent, I have wanted a better trigger on my Ruger 77 since I acquired the rifle in 1987. With the $40.00 sear & about 15 minutes it was a done deal. Instructions were good and my rifle trigger is just as I would have it.

  26. Brian Armel

    Easy to install and set-up. It dropped my trigger pull from 3.5lb to 2.5 lb

  27. Martin Kurtyka

    I installed one of these sears in a Ruger 77R 243. Trigger pull weight was 5-1/2 lbs. to start. After installing the sear, it was 2-1/2 lbs. A good product!

  28. Dan

    I just install one of your RU-T sears in my M77V 22-250. Wow, what an reasonably price trigger mod! Easiest trigger fix I have ever done on any of my guns. Works great and does exactly what they say it will. I went from a 7lb trigger to a 2lb in about 15 minutes total time including removal and replacing the stock.

  29. Bill

    Very easy to make this change. It works really well.

  30. Steven Hager

    Great customer service and quick shipping upon receipt on my order! The RU-T sear is a great value as compared to other M77 trigger modifications. Definitely improves the performance of my 25-06 M77!

  31. Steve Price

    My M77 trigger was very heavy. I did not like shooting it. I was looking for a replacement trigger when I fount Basic sear option. East instal. Breaks clean and nice. Have my old rifle back! Thanks

  32. Jim Antrim

    I have just installed this sear in my Ruger 77 tang safety. Works great ! Wish i would have know about this years ago. Way easier than installing the Timney. I am planing on ordering a couple more.

    Thanks for a great product !

  33. Curdog

    I have had really nice River tang safety 30-06 the trigger was horrible. I tried adjusting no luck. I installed this sear! WOW nice clean easy trigger. Instructions were easy for even me!


    Having experience with competitors triggers, a local gunsmith turned me on to Rifle Basix.
    WOW! what a surprise. I am now on my fourth Rifle Basix installed on my Ruger 77 rifles.
    Install instruction are spot on and simple, results are always great.

  35. Dean Peterson

    The Ruger RU-T Trigger sear was very simple to install and adjust in my Ruger 77V rifle .
    Total time was about 20 minutes , and after adjusting the trigger pull weight to 1#14oz., I did numerous bolt cycles , slamming the bolt hard into the locked battery position with no accidental dropping of the firing pin . I also tested it by slamming the butt-pad hard against the floor numerous times , and the sear holds perfectly .
    The trigger pull-weight was checked numerous times , and each time it tested 1#14oz.
    Excellent product , and very reasonably priced .
    Thank You RIFLE BASIX !!!!

  36. Al Timpauer

    I always purchased Timney triggers for my Ruger rifles. Had I known how amazing the rifle Basix RU-T trigger is I would have not wasted my cash and purchased a Rifle Basix. It really has transformed my Ruger M77 into a better, more accurate platform. I am very impressed! Thank you Rifle Basix.

  37. Chironimo

    Installed on my sons 270. Excellent results. Had bought and struggled with the timney trigger(#&$@) and finally bought the rifle basix. Threw the Timney away!
    Find the basix to be rock solid with no issues! Super simple with great results. Have another old ruger around here some where that is going to ge one as well

  38. smjaneski

    Take my word for it, like the others that have written a review, I’m very pleased with the replacement sear for my Ruger 77 old model. The original trigger was 6 1/2 pounds, and now it breaks cleanly at 2 1/2 lbs. by my gauge. Easy to install with excellent written directions

  39. moultcus

    I have installed this sear for 4 of my customers tang Ruger M77’s, they all love the change made to the trigger pull… Excellent

  40. moultcus

    We are very happy with the results we achieved taking a Ruger M77 tang 270 from a 6 lb trigger pull to a 2 lb trigger pull with the RU-T sear, taking very little time. Excellent Sear!

  41. Larry Ferek

    Received my RU-T today. I don’t understand why I waited until now to do something about the heavy, 48 oz. trigger on this Ruger 77 tang safety. I really enjoy a light crisp trigger, and now I have one on this rifle. Thank you for your ingenuity. If Ruger would have had any sense at all, they would have sent one of your replacement sears to everyone who bought a M77, and then complained to them about how bad the trigger was. Thank You.

  42. Justin

    I have a early varmint m77 in 22 250 this made the difference in me keeping the rifle great bang for your buck and very easy install couldn’t be happier

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