Rifle Mechanical Safety 101

Rifle Mechanical Safety 101

*When a shooter’s safety is operating “normally” on any gun, be it factory or custom, please be aware: “Normally” would indicate that the safety is operating as it was intended. This brings up a basic discussion of using mechanical safeties.

*In a bolt action rifle when a live round is left in the chamber, with the bolt closed, the action is “cocked” and the firing pin is pointed directly at a live primer! The firearm is configured to FIRE, despite any other outside influences, like a mechanical safety.

*It is important to remember that a safe firearm is achieved through safe handling techniques. To insure a bolt action firearm is safe with a live round in the chamber it is only necessary to raise the bolt handle. A bolt action firearm cannot fire with the bolt handle raised.

*FIREARMS can and DO discharge when safety levers are moved from “SAFE” to “FIRE”!  Personally, I will never place a safety lever in the “SAFE” position with a live round in the chamber.

Do not rely on a mechanical safety to do your job for you – best safety practices include always making sure the muzzle is always pointed in a safe direction – even if you are using a mechanical safety, even if you are certain your weapon is unloaded.

*It is especially important to instruct youngsters in safe firearm handling techniques with a live round in the chamber.

Thanks & be Safe!

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