Some of Our Customer Testimonials

The following are customer testimonials from a wide range of our aftermarket triggers for Remington, Savage Arms, Marlin, and Ruger

“Recently Rifle Basix introduced the “SAV-2”, a three-lever design intended to be used in the four ounce to three pounds range. This is in my opinion the “Ne Plus Ultra” of after-market triggers for Savage rifles. It is completely satisfactory and when set at four ounces I can’t tell the difference when compared to my two ounce triggers on other rifles. Perhaps a younger shooter with better tactile facility can detect a difference, but if there is any, it is of no real consequence. This mechanism is a true “drop-in” and installation is facilitated by the accompanying CD-ROM. It has thirty two minutes of instruction on how to correctly remove the Savage trigger and replace it with the “SAV-2”, detailing all the tools and the order of assembly. A person would have to be a perfect “Klutz” to not be able to do it right. The design is extremely clever, as the trigger lever is provided with three possible pivot locations depending on the weight of pull desired, also different strength springs included. I will get one for my forty-year old 222 1/2 caliber rifle”.
Bob Greenleaf
Former Savage Arms Product Engineer

* Reference article in April 2003 “Precision Shooting” magazine, pg.53
“Dear Sir, I received my Sav 2 trigger yesterday after only 6 days all the way to Australia. Thank you for a great trigger and service, I had no trouble installing it following the DVD instructions. It works great. Thanking You”
Doug in Australia
“Thanks for the speedy service on mailing out the trigger. It works perfect”
Brian W.
“Excellent – honest – service. Great fit & operation”
Cap’t Rocky Nelsen
“Excellent trigger. Installed fast, 1-2-3 all done. Very nice workmanship”
Bob D.
“I received the replacement trigger you sent and installed it at 1-3/4 lbs. pull and it is working perfectly. The pull was constant when I tested it and has been performing well at the range. I’m satisfied with the trigger and certainly satisfied with your service”
Nathan K.
“I installed the sear in my gun and am very pleased with your product”!!!
John D.
“I installed the trigger on my Savage Model 93 last night. It is fantastic – what a great product. I now have the smoothest Model 93 .17 HMR around”
Gary St. Amour
“Thanks for a great trigger & greater service”
“I first contacted your company to enquire if one of your manufactured triggers fit the particular gun that I just purchased. The young lady that answered the phone had an extremely pleasant attitude and was helpful and professional. Not only did your company have the particular trigger I needed, I was suprisingly taken back in time to better years where people knew how to conduct business as we all wish it could be done. Expecting to be asked for a credit card number, instead, after giving her my name and address I was told “Your part will be arriving in a few days, and have a nice day”. That young lady made my day, and so has your company. Hope to do more business with you in the future. You will not only find my check enclosed, but my deepest respect as well”.
John L. Churchill
“Thanks for the help with the installation. All seems to be working well”.
Bob S.
“Easy to install & adjust – a big improvement”
Bill F.
“I installed one of your Marlin triggers on an old Marlin Model 80 that I purchased about 40 years ago, and it fits better than it does on my Model 880SQ. I suspect that these triggers may fit most every bolt-action Marlin since then”.
Jim B.
“I was very impressed with the MAR-1 trigger you sent. In fact, so impressed that I would like to order a second MAR-1. I would really like to thank you for the speedy response to my request and your good service. That type of service is getting harder to find these days. Keep up on the good work! I will come back to you for all my trigger needs”!
John H.
“Got the MAR-1 trigger today. Installing the trigger was a snap, and it adjusted great to 12 ozs. no creep. I posted a write up on GGVG about how great it was”.
“Trigger came today and I installed it tonight. Very simple – good directions”.
Jeff H.
“Thank you, it fit beautifully”
Bill C.
“Triggers were of your usual quality. They work GREAT”!
Jeff W.
“Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bob, I am very pleased….you have given me the trigger that I had hoped for. Any company or individual can claim to offer good service when things go perfectly. The true measure of a man is how he treats his customers when things DO NOT work perfectly from the get go. Your patience and willingness to make your product perform, despite my heavy handed and clumsy attempt at adjustment are commendable. I will recommend you and your products to anyone that asks my opinion. Thanks again,” 
Jim C.
“This is a terrific trigger, absolutely a fantastic product. It changed what was a McCormack Reaper into a Swiss Watch”. 
“Got a chance to install your trigger on my Marlin 2000 this Saturday. Works swell. Your mamma must be very proud”. 
John M. Maraldo
“I received the trigger for my Marlin 17vs. I’m impressed! It went right in with no hassles at all. I got it adjusted where I wanted it in no time! Great job”! “Once again, excellent trigger!! I bought one of the new Savage 503 “Strikers” (.17 HMR). The trigger went right in without any trouble”. 
Bill S.
“Love the trigger! Set it up on a gun for my 17 year old daughter – she significantly increased her score at our club shoot last night”. 
“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate doing business on a “handshake”. I thought that trust was a thing of the past. Thank you”! 
Glen L. Safford
“Triggers were of your usual quality. They work GREAT”! 
Jeff W.
“Too often in this day and age I find myself writing letters of discontent to various companies. Seldom ever do I find a product or manufacturer that is worthy of praise, so when I do find one I feel compelled to let them know. I am thrilled at the level of professionalism and convenience in which your company has operated. It was truly a refreshing and pleasurable experience dealing with you. I am sure that through the years you will meet with less than desirable customers and I hope that you are able to maintain your current level of trust. As I am not a big owner of firearms I do not have other weapons that would require your service. However, you can bet I will tell all who will listen, about both your stellar service and wonderful product. Again I am thrilled at both the quality and ease of installation of your product, and your customer service is second to none. Let all other companies learn from you and may your business flourish for many years to come. Good luck in all your endeavors from a thoroughly satisfied customer”. 
Joseph F. Gabriel
“The sear works perfectly, what a difference – like night and day. I’m a happy camper”. 
Bob L.
“I have the honor of having the first Rifle Basix trigger for Ruger and I have been using it for well over a year now. I have it adjusted to just several oz., maybe 4 or so. I have varmint rifles in 223, 25-06, 6.5-284, 308, and 7mm Mag with Jewel and Timney triggers. I would gladly sell them all and use Rifle Basix triggers in all of them. The pull is always crisp with no creep, they pull the same shot after shot. There is no better trigger on the market than RB period. Try one you will not be disappointed”. 
Larry S.
“Peggy, Here’s the feedback for the CZ-527 trigger: 1. Very clear and unambigous instructions, I’m a technical author and know good work when I see it! 2. No complaints with the unit, a good fit, good blade profile and it gives crisp, consistent release”. 
Ned K,, Cheltenham, UK
“Triggers were of your usual quality. They work GREAT”! 
Jeff W.
“Enclosed please find my check for the CZ-452 trigger. It has made a very good gun a great gun. Can’t thank you enough for your help and courtesy in dealing with me. You REALLY UNDERSTAND CUSTOMER SERVICE. My best to you in all your business future. Also please give a hello to Peggy for me”. 
Colby B.

5 Replies to “Some of Our Customer Testimonials”

  1. Martin Kropp says:

    Just received a MAR-1 trigger for a Marlin 882ssv we’ve had for ages. What a difference from the factory trigger. Great directions and easy install. Took about 20 minutes. The fast free shipping was great too. I’ll be purchasing any triggers I need in the future from Rifle Basix. Thanks guys.

  2. Kimbo says:

    I have 5 Marlin rifles “pre-accutrigger” – (3) 882SSV’s/22 mag. and (2) 17VS’s/17HMR. These rifles are all old school style HB’s before the newly designed accu-triggers.
    The rifles with the factory OEM triggers are absolutely terrible pulling at an average of 6-7lbs. right out of the box. After converting all 5 of them over too the MAR-1 trigger style, the gun’s just woke right up!!! They literally break like glass and the shots are deadly accurate.
    I also fitted each rifle with a Boyds stock which work well with this trigger. It is pretty much drop fit in, especially around the trigger and the safety. There was no modifications needed.
    If there is one mod that you want to make to the old style Marlin, pre2004 – you definetly want to buy one of these MAR-1 trigger!!! They are absolutely the best!!!
    Thanks Riflebasix for a great product!!!!!

  3. Rodney Beegle says:

    This my third Rifle Basix trigger. Put it on my new CZ .22 heavy barrel varmit model. Changed my fine CZ into a even more fine gun. Wouldn’t have any other trigger on my guns.
    ***NOTE—B-t-w your policies and practices are, I believe, are making your little company into one of those companies that are soon to be ‘talked about. Like Zappos for example.

  4. Hal Davis says:

    I have a Rifle Basix trigger in my Savage 93 17HMR and it is just great. A marked improvement over the Accutrigger!

  5. Mike Lameyer says:

    We customize Savage rifles and have used the other triggers that are available and have decided that the Rifle Basix trigger is the one to go to if the customer does not want the accutrigger. We build F-Class and FTR rifles and I can report that the Basix replacement triggers are the very best as long as you take your time and set them up properly. Use plenty of sear engagement and coat the sear with some boron grease and the trigger will be crisp,crisp,crisp and no creep at all.

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